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The Systematic Childhood Injury Prevention Program (SCIPP), created by the California Chapter 4, American Academy of Pediatrics Injury and Violence Prevention Program (CA4, AAP IVPP) is designed to increase the quality, consistency and efficiency of injury prevention counseling and education by health care professionals through:

  • Implementation of an integrated system for injury prevention interventions in various health care settings
  • Development and dissemination of culturally and linguistically appropriate injury prevention tools and materials to support patient counseling and education
  • Injury prevention education and training for health care professionals and their staff


What you get…

The CA4, AAP IVPP will:

  • Provide an orientation for assigned/designated site staff.
  • Contact site staff periodically to provide technical assistance and support.
  • Provide IVPP educational materials.
  • Provide on-going support to the provider until the termination of the program (dependent upon future funding).

To be a part of this program

  • Complete a Program Enrollment Form
  • Assign a primary contact to liaison with CA4, AAP IVPP staff during the course of the program.
  • Facilitate periodic meetings with IVPP staff during program period.
  • Display IVPP materials at site location and/or distribute materials to site patients/clients.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for program modifications, new sites and new venues.
  • Provide data on program implementation to IVPP as requested.


If you are interested…

Jamie S. McDonald, MPH, CHES
Program Director
Injury and Violence Prevention Program
Reach Out and Read Program
Phone: (949) 752-2787
Fax: (949) 752-2788
Email: jmcdonald@aapca4.org

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