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“Keeping Children Safe” Materials

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 “Keeping Your Child Safe” 0-5 years Parent Brochures
The “Keeping Your Child Safe” brochures, age and developmentally appropriate materials for parents, are designed to be used for anticipatory injury prevention guidance in health settings.  Each brochure should be provided to parents at the appropriate health supervision visit, as shown:

0-6 months 6-12 months 1 and 2 years 3, 4, and 5 years

Preparing for School

Suggestions for how to provide these materials to patients: 

  1. Receptionist gives materials at sign-in
  2. Nurse gives materials at time of weight check
  3. Pediatrician gives materials at time of exam

Educational Setting

Age appropriate materials can be given to parents and can be used in parent education classes.
Suggested educational settings include:

  • Parent classes
  • Preschools
  • Child care settings
Download Brochures here:

“Keeping Children Safe” Video and DVD

The “OC Keep Kids Safe” video is a comprehensive injury prevention tool designed to help educate parents about the most frequent causes of injury to children birth to 5 years, and strategies to prevent injuries.  The video consists of 26 “vignettes” which demonstrate a “wrong” and “right” way to protect a child from injury. The video is designed to play continuously in a fixed location, such as in your waiting room.

The video can also be shown in segments during parenting classes. Parents can also be given copies of the DVD for home viewing.

The DVD version of “Keeping Children Safe” provides the opportunity for a more interactive and targeted education session.  The vignettes are categorized within a cartoon “home”, with danger areas displayed in different rooms in the house, as well as in areas around the home and in cars.  Selecting the rooms or areas will give you a list of vignettes to play.  The DVD also has the option to play the video in a continuous loop format.

Watch the video in English here - Watch the video in Spanish here
To order the video/DVD in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese, click here.

“Child Safety Seat Growth Chart”: Poster and Take Home Sheet

The “Child Safety Seat Growth Chart” poster is designed as an in-office educational tool.  Place the poster anywhere where you or your staff can refer to it when counseling a parent on child passenger safety, such as:

  • On the wall adjacent to the weigh stations
  • In each exam room
  • At the reception desk

The take-home sheet tear-off pad should be located near the poster:

  • Circle the column that provides the appropriate child safety seat information for the patient
  • Give the sheet to the parent to take home

 The posters are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Download Posters here:


“Pool Safety”: Poster and Take Home Sheet

The “Pool Safety” poster is designed as an in-office educational tool. Place the poster where you or your staff can refer to it when counseling a parent on pool safety. Examples of locations are:

  • In each exam room
  • At the reception desk

Alternative settings and use of the “Pool Safety” poster include:

  • Businesses
  • Community Pools
  • Apartment Complex Pools
  • Child Care Facilities

The posters and take-home sheets are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Download Posters & Take Home Sheets here


"Profile of Childhood Injuries"

Injury (unintentional and intentional) is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States for children beyond the first year of life. The injuries incurred by children and adolescents age 14 and younger will have lasting impacts, including total lifetime economic costs of more than $50 billion in medical expenses and lost productivity. However, injuries can be prevented through enabling system changes (public policy and laws, environment and engineering), as well as changes in community and individual behaviors.
The Profile of Childhood Injuries – 0-5 Years (2007), depicts the leading causes of injury-related hospitalizations and deaths to Orange County children age 0-5 years. Printed copies of the Profile and laminated versions (for posting) are available by contacting the CA4, AAP office.

Download Profile of Childhood Injuries here.